The Power of Color

Our next few articles are going to be dedicated to the use of color in interior design.  I have been a proponent of this for years; the power of color, how color brings such life and energy into a space, and how people connect on an emotional level to it without even realizing it is happening.

Presented here are a few photos from my latest project in NYC.  I think people often go to neutral colors on walls because they are afraid or just do not know how to layer them together to make your eyes dance around a room. For me, color has a progression and rhythm, bringing such wonderful dynamics to space. You can dramatically and economically change your space with just a can  of paint.

Color selection must be appealing in order to compliment and enhance everything in a room.  An odd wall color selected simply because you like it, without taking everything into consideration, can look both jarring and out of place, thus evoking a negative emotion.  So color is powerful in both a positive and negative way, and you have to understand the fundamentals to make a good selection and move forward boldly, knowing it will all make sense once it is done and everything is in place.

If you have the right type of room, layering color creates added glamour, drama, and fun!