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Ladue, MO• An evolution of a project and the transformation of a home

This was a 1997 prairie style influenced developer house with builder grade finishes.

The transformation took place over 4 years as a project-by-project evolution with breaks in between each area. They took the time in between to enjoy each transformed area before moving onto the next eventually transforming the main floor where they spend all of their time as new empty nesters.

The first project was the kitchen & family room remodel, entertaining and cooking was a main focus. along with creating a larger more inviting access to their beautiful backyard pool and outdoor entertaining.

2•Ladue, MO kitchen pg 2
design desires

Finding a place for a larger TV
More spacious work areas

3•Ladue kitchen pg 3
design desires

To maintain a desk area &
a place for family photos.

A large inviting seating area on the island.

More storage.

“Interior architecture is my passion, finding ways to maximize & enhance the floor plan.
Opening up & sculpting space, creating beautiful flow and visual drama.
Paying strict attention to every detail, material & how they interact with each other to create something unique.
I love giving my clients something unexpected & beyond their imagination.”

4•ladue, MO kitchen pg 4

This open area was created by eliminating a traditional built in display cabinet, opening up the walls into the kitchen as well as pushing them back to create space for multiple wrap around tall storage cabinets with back accent lighting.

Creating a dramatic entry into the kitchen, going from a traditional small entry passage & vestibule to a large open dramatic space.

5•ladue, MO kitchen pg 5

In the before, you can see the small door that was the only passage to the exterior pool & entertaining area. It was positioned behind an arched pass through to the family room, making it’s visual presence insignificant & inconvenient to the exterior.

The design solution was to remove the pass through dividing wall, move the door to the kitchen area creating a dynamic indoor/outdoor connection.

This would visually showcase the beautiful backyard pool area with a wide door & two side lights creating easy access to the large multi functional island serving also as a buffet & gathering place for entertaining.

6•Ladue MO powder room

Ladue, MO • Phase 2 of the evolution of a project & the transformation of a home

• The powder room

My clients have a wonderful collection of Asian art so this powder room became a sensuous choreography between color, textural & exotic materials, a sculptural wall faucet & accent lighting.

7 • Ladue,MO Phase 2

Ladue, MO •Phase 3 of An evolution of a project and the transformation of a home • The master suite •

This phase started with my client’s desperate need for more closet space. There was nowhere to expand and carve out more space, so the design challenge became utilizing in new ways the space we had.

There was a corridor to the bathroom with a his and her closets on each side that
where small, cluttered & claustrophobic.

I decided to open the 2 sides completely and start over redesigning every
square inch to maximize the space and give them everything on their wish list.

Sliding & pocket doors
open and conceal the space

5 of these drawers conceal
a large shoe collection

8•Ladue, MO phase 2 pg 2


How to create more closet & drawer space
In order to do this I had to design a
large armoire as well in the bedroom
for more hanging & drawer space for her, along with giving him a much desired TV.

The bed frame was designed to conceal their
Sleep Numbers bed mechanism and work with
the rest of the design elements in the room.

Night stands were designed to give each of them
2 additional drawers on one side with a drawer and door for night stand needs.

9•Ladue, MO master bath pg 1

Ladue, MO •Phase 3a of An evolution of a project and the transformation of a home • The master suite bathroom

This phase started with the desire for more vanity space. Tthe floor plan was revised to eliminate the toilet with storage closet enclosure.
This opened up the possibility on a non-traditional way to get more space to accomplish the goal, creating a wrap around vanity with dressing table.

10•Ladue MO master bath continued

Ladue, MO • Phase 3a of An evolution of a project and the transformation of a home • The master suite bathroom continued

To created more space for the vanities the shower & bathtub were stacked back to back with a plumbing monolith and partial glass
panels. Tthe shower was designed barrier free.

There is separation between the bathroom & walk-in closet corridor if you want more privacy the pocket doors at the end enter to the bedroom

11• Ladue, MO living room

Ladue, MO •Phase 4 of An evolution of a project and the transformation of a home • The Living room

During the renovation of the master suite the owners decided they wanted to update the living room as well since this was the last room on
the main floor that needed an update & the first one you see as you enter through the front door. I found that the room was without focus
and what was supposed to be the focal point, the fireplace and art niches needed help.

The fireplace surround & shallow mantel did not merit the title of focal point.
I designed a thick frame of wood that gave it depth creating a deeper mantel with a polished stainless beveled surround & expanded the depth of the hearth inserting polished stainless to reflect the fire bringing life into the room.

The art niches were brought to life by the dark back wall, creating pedestals for the statues & adding dramatic lighting. With the new look of the fireplace & niches, the whole room took on the feeling of drama & visual excitement.

The seating area was transformed into a cozy conversation place to enjoy a cocktail with friends before dinner.

The tall wing back chairs added a sense of intimacy along with height to juxtapose & bring balance to the tall ceiling. The layering of wall colors enhanced the stunning architecture of the room.

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