Color Pops and Blocking

Continuing my “Power of Color” series, this time we are looking at color pops and color blocking. I have been using this terminology and methodology throughout my career , and now it seems to be the current rage in the fashion industry.


Color blocking.  This is my interpretation of how I use it in creating an interior. I created an architectural element to open the space up that wraps into the transition hallway to create more room for tall cabinetry and to create a striking architectural detail to draw you into the kitchen and gather around the island.

I used bold color, contrasting and textural materials coupled with accent lighting to create this dramatic statement. As my client hated pendent lighting, I repeated the essence of this element on the ceiling plane to light and mimic the “L” shaped eating area again using color to offer bold contrast.

This illustrates my passion for color blocking with large areas of contrasting bold colors, materials and textures. It is my profound belief that every detail is as important as the next. Everything and every choice is fundamentally important to the final outcome and success of the project.

Be bold, be wise, be thoughtfully daring………..

Color pops.  This is also a way to work with color. Bring the drama in with contrast and accent with color in either pops of color in furniture, accessories, rugs or…there are endless combinations or approaches. That is one of the most fundamental and powerful reasons I am in love with creating interiors.

In this kitchen I used bold contrast with the cabinetry and walls and then threw in the unexpected  and playful green chairs…why not!I opened the passage between the kitchen and  the new open concept living and dining area repeating the playfulness.

In this same project I custom designed two bold area rugs to bring the room together and orchestrate the visual movement. Also the  goal was to offer stark contrast to the neutral white of the leather sofa and play again with the pop pumpkin of the statement rocking chair by making sure the essence of that color was in the rug sending your eyes and emotions on a wonderful dance throughout the room.   The sofa’s scatter pillows again played with the colors in the rugs.


Every wall was a different color, recalling the playfulness of the bold accents in a muted sophistication.  The painting contractor wanted to kill me as there were 10 wall color variations in this open concept living and dining area.  I wanted  to articulate the interior architecture with color blocking to create visual intrigue and texture.

every wall a different color_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Since 1993, Peg Hammerschmidt has been working with clients to create their dreams and desires through extensive design knowledge, education, principles and most of all the joy of creating.

Peg is a graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

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