Color from an Opposite Approach

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In this entry to my “Power of Color” series, we are looking at the use of color from an opposite approach.

Sometimes you have a client that gives you a wonderfully fun, cherished purchase to work with that can inspire a whole room and it’s color.  My client had purchased this desk, chair and mirror for his little girl.

I fell in love with it myself and built her room around the essence of it’s whimsical nature.

The purple seemed to hug and nurture everything that we placed into her room.  I designed her fairly tale trundle bed and night stand in tiger maple that offered a soft compliment to all of the other wonderful items in her room.  The soft buttery light yellow of her carpeting also complimented the other materials and colors in the room.
Since the room was full of object life and interest, in this case the correct choice was one continuous wall color.

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